1.Plan, Prep and Prepare! 

You have macros that are a great baseline for you to reach your results! Use apps such as MFP to plan your week of meals so you hit your goal! If you notice you gain weight on high fat days, lose weight on high carb days and maintain weight when you eat high fats etc.... Take notes and learn your bodies individual needs. The numbers are estimates--> your body will respond how it wants to lots of calories, not enough calories etc... The more you know the easier it will be to reach your goals! 

2. Brown Paper Bag!

 Commit to making your own meals and go on a no outside lunch rule! Just minimizing the constant fast food spending will greatly help you remain healthy and energized! 



My Mighty Meals can prepare every meal based on just calories or more detailed such as carbs, protein and fats! ( If you don't care about the crazy macro tracking life! Try the meal prep company just to be more aware of portion sizes. If you know that you eat 900 lunches. That can be hard to digest. Using a meal prep company will help keep your portions in check!) 





4. Check in with yourself! 

If you notice broccoli bloats you! Rice at lunch makes you sleepy! Carrots keep you full! Beef makes you crampy etc... Even if you decided to track food or you don't track you should still  take note of how your body reacts to your food choices. We are unique in our ability to digest food.We all break down foods differently, have food sensitivities or food allergies. Take detail notes about how you feel so you can eat for energy + happiness! My Mighty Meals can eliminate or swap foods you don't want! 

5. Keep food fun! 

You don't have to eat bland food to be healthy and loose weight! Take your favorite meals and make them healthy! If you don't want to think more about making food fun. You can try My Mighty Meals and can get a new menu of food options every week. If you struggle having a healthy breakfast when you get into work. You can order just 5 breakfast etc... No crazy minimums. Order what you need or order what you struggle with! 


Watch this video to learn more about My Mighty Meals: